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Asset Management

Physical Asset Management -ISO55000
This book on physical asset management presents a systematic approach to the management of physical assets from concept to disposal. It introduces the general principles of physical asset management and covers all stages of the asset management process.
Physical Asset Management - An Organizational Challenge
This book explores how the physical asset management philosophy fits within an organization, details the challenges it faces, and reviews the different functional areas dealing with physical assets.

Maintenance Management

Analytical Fleet Maintenance Management
Technologies that can benefit fleet managers and reviews the best practices in fleet maintenance management. The latest edition contains chapters on fleet management leadership, and facility design and maintenance, as well as updated arithmetic formulas throughout the book.
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook
This resource provides proven planning and scheduling strategies that will take any maintenance organization to the next level of performance. The book resolves common industry frustration with planning and reduces the complexity of scheduling in addition to dealing with reactive maintenance.
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