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What is Maintenance Management?

Maintenance management is the process of maintaining a company’s assets and resources. The purpose is to ensure that operation proceeds efficiently and that resources are used effectively.

Maintenance management is one of those aspects of managing a company that is usually not explored in depth. People outside of the maintenance industry may not realize how much time and effort go into it. Let’s go in-depth on these important processes and understand why they are important.

Every company takes a different approach to ensure their assets remain operational. Some choose the firefighting method, waiting until an asset breaks down before they fix it. For others, the goal is to prevent failure by looking for signs of wear and tear before a problem occurs. This may be done by performing regular inspections or analyzing data to anticipate malfunctions. Both are acceptable maintenance processes and are often used in combination with one another.

Through maintenance management, overall maintenance costs are minimized through efficient use of maintenance resources. Parts can be obtained in advance, assignments can be distributed more appropriately, and work can be scheduled when it is least disruptive to operations. Because there are so many moving pieces - personnel, machines, inventory, scheduling, and more - you need a way to organize, manage, and store data about your maintenance activities.

Maintenance Principles

Maintenance is a service function that supports operation strategies. Maintenance resources will focus on meeting operation goals in a safe and cost effective manner.

Elements in the maintenance function are to be responsive, manageable, measurable and accountable.

Maintenance will be “proactive” and “predictive” in nature.

Maintenance actions will enhance the company’s competitiveness and profitability.

Maintenance will plan all significant tasks ensuring maximized use of resources and reduce downtime.

Operations and Maintenance will work cooperatively and functionally as equal partners in advancing the operation strategy.

Maintenance will utilize effective preventive and predictive maintenance practices to provide acceptable equipment availability and cost effective use of resources.

Operation and Maintenance will actively participate in the development and compliance of the scheduled maintenance work plan.

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